Sunbed Tanning Services

All of our Tanning equipment features the finest state of the art technology in the industry. Quality comes standard at Totally Tan & Spa with the highest intensity bronzing lamps available.

Premier Tanning

Our entry-level sun-beds and stand-ups are high quality level 3-4’s at a level 1 price. Our Premier sun-beds feature (2x) P2 Vitamin D boosting lamps so you receive a boost in wellness, adjustable facial lamps and full body ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. Our stand ups are available at no additional cost, allowing for a more even tan, reaching the more difficult areas to tan, such as under the arms and pressure points. Our Premier sun-beds are like tanning 3-5 times in a level 1 or 2 bed delivering faster, time saving results, at a much better value. These beds will give you deep, dark color.

Ultimate Tanning

Our Ultimate sun-beds are a phenomenal option to receive deeper, darker results. Our sun-beds are loaded with features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else including (4x) P2 Vitamin D boosting lamps so you receive a boost in wellness, side-tanners, shoulder-tanners, stronger facial lamps and are fully air conditioned plus much more! These beds have more lamps and are much larger; you can sprawl out more and will receive the coverage of the standup with the comfort of laying. Tanning in an Ultimate sun-bed is like tanning 3 times in our Premier bed.

Elite Tanning

You want the best? We’ve got you covered! Our Elite sun-beds will give you the deepest, darkest tan imaginable while keeping your beautiful results the longest. Tanning in our Elite sun-beds is like tanning 6 times in a Premier bed. Elite's Hybrids bring Sun and Red Light together to deliver a new level of tanning and skincare. Experience color like never before with the perfect combination of light and beauty. With Elite sun-beds you receive a massive boost in wellness & long lasting results everyone will notice.

Specific UV equipment varies per location. Please find the location nearest you and choose more info to see what equipment is available


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