Red Light Therapy & Massage

The world’s first Trackless Hydro Massage System

Every “body” is different. That is why we installed customized massage tables with a Red Light Therapy Facial lamp. The 21″ touch screen monitor allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your massage, suiting anyone’s preference. Your hydro massage experience can be customized by setting duration and intensity of each zone.

Many use massage as part of their healthy-lifestyle regime to help them relax, meditate, and manage anxiety. Massage has numerous other benefits including alleviating pain and improve range of motion. Athletes of all levels choose massage to help them relax and prepare their muscles for strenuous workouts, and improve their muscle recovery time after exercising. Massage also improves tanning results by stimulating blood circulation


Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday:
10am - 6pm

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